Alternative Education

Some students will need alternative education during part or all of their school life. It can be needed for a variety of reasons depending on the needs of the child. The child will have a statement of educational needs if a problem is detected and then the education should be sorted accordingly. The child could have one problem but could have a combination of many and so the education has to be planned carefully, even having to prioritise the needs most in need of help. The most common style of problem will be an educational need based on being behind in the standard expected of a child of that age. The name of the problem will differ depending on the country involved , special educational needs or a special needs child is the usual title given. The amount of learning delay is often specified as moderate or severe delay. The learning delay can appear on its own or with a combination of other things.

There are many illnesses and conditions that can also affect a child’s education, things like autism, attention deficit disorder and aspergers syndrome among others. These affect concentration, comprehension and the ability to take in information and to process it. The lessons have to be designed in the best way to get the information across to the child concerned and to make sure its aimed at the educational level of the child. The child may need time in a separate class from normal for some lessons or may need to attend a special needs school for full time education aimed at their needs and abilities. Also if some or all of the children have physical problems as well then the school may be adapted in order to accommodate them. The school will have access for wheelchairs and people with walking frames.

Special needs classes and schools will have smaller class groups and more available room for lessons, also there will normally be at least one extra teacher in order to assist with the teaching. The children will be encouraged to sit down and to concentrate, will be encouraged to seek help from adult help and to try and progress with their academic life. Its possible in some cases for the child to return to full time education at some stage but may end up remaining in special education all through their lives if its deemed necessary. Indeed there are special needs colleges in many countries in order to follow up the child’s education after school years have finished.