Alternative to what

Alternative education versus the standard educational system has a major opponent. That opponent is “street learning”. The problem with education today is the fact that most individuals learn through experience. Experience is the biggest teacher today and due to that fact, many students do not excell when it comes to book learning or in-school learning. Let’s take a look. Young people today are born into extended family lifestyles and do not have the experience of a two-parent family. Due to their extended family relationships, children often have to contend with a multitude of boyfriends or ex-boyfriends who may have propogated their sibling(s). This lack of belonging anywhere often spurs youth interest into gangs just to have a sense of belonging “somewhere”. Many of these same children have to contend with battling parent substitutes or drug abuse. No one likes to talk about these things and many social agencies try their best with what they have to offer but the child suffers in the meantime.

With the shootings at major universities and high schools, many individuals are asking “what is wrong with this child/person that they had access to such implements of destruction”. When growing up in a combative family life, many children only learn violence in order to survive or be heard. Just to be heard the child must ofteb yell over and above his screeching parent. Screaming seems to take presidence so in turn these same children can become combative with teachers in the classroom. They also learn through their life experience that if the parent cannot control themselves, then why should anyone in authority be listened to?

Another problem with education standards today is “who is responsible”. The key phrase today in our society is “personal responsibility”. Is the parent responsible? And if the parent uses any type of physical means to reprimand their child, then does the state become responsible? Or do the police need to be called and then they become responsible? It appears as though no one wants to take any form of responsiblity and thereby the “passing of the buck” becomes prominent as well as the “name calling” and “blame game”.

A definite change needs to take place but when the societal mold is unwilling to “share responsibility”, then nothing gets done. What is the answer? Who can hold the key? If you ask me, it’s everyone’s responsibility when it comes to a child. The parent is responsible when they don’t listen to their children. Teachers become responsible when they opt for a job to help someone learn but then fear for their very livlihood if they step over certain boundaries. And society becomes responsible when the problem evolves into every household. We are all to blame and in order to help make a change, we must be willing to change ourselves as well. Education versus standard education-may God help us solve this problem.