An Overview of the School of Tomorrow Home School Curriculum

The School of Tomorrow homeschooling curriculum, also known as ACE (Accelerated Christian Education), is a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing self-teaching. The program is individualized, rooted in a Christian worldview, and assures comprehension of course material by basing progress on mastery. The School of Tomorrow curriculum is an attractive option for families and students who benefit from flexibility and student autonomy and like the emphasis on self-motivation.

The School of Tomorrow program is designed to enable students to learn independently and set their own pace. As in a traditional classroom curriculum, each lesson builds on the prior lesson; mastery, therefore, is essential for progress. Unlike in a regular classroom model, the student, rather than the teacher or the class, determines the pace of progress. Mastery of content can be achieved at the student’s optimal learning pace.

The School of Tomorrow’s core curriculum for grade levels Pre-K through 12th grade includes five academic subjects: Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word-Building (language arts). At the high school level additional required courses and electives are offered.

Prior to beginning the coursework, students “enrolled” in the School of Tomorrow curriculum take assessments and placement tests so that their individual coursework can be tailored to their abilities and needs. Academic work is organized in workbooks known as PACEs. PACEs provide complete lessons in subject matter as well as related vocabulary, quizzes, and tests to enhance and measure progress.

Students generally progress through one PACE in each core area of study per year, completing the equivalent of a year’s schoolwork in a traditional classroom setting. Because progress through each unit is governed by mastery, students are able to spend more time on areas they struggle with but can move ahead in topics at which they are adept.

Parents supervise progress and provide tutoring as necessary. The School of Tomorrow provides support for parents.

The School of Tomorrow is flexible and adaptive to individual students’ needs. Because of its emphasis on self-teaching, it may be an ideal choice for students who enjoy autonomy and benefit from flexibility in determining their speed of progress. Since the curriculum places autonomy on the students, it is also a strong option for families with multiple home-schooled children as it doesn’t rely heavily on parents for daily planning, preparation, or administration of educational materials.

The School of Tomorrow curriculum is fully accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and CITA (Commission on International Trans-Regional Accreditation), so credits are easily transferred to colleges.

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