Are Children of Prisoners less likely to Commit Crimes if Helped by Mentors – Yes

I have seen & heard many times about the people in my life that he is the person who’s father is criminal but he himself is a very good person. After investigating about the behavior of that person, I have come to know that in his upbringing main part is of his mother, his uncle or any body else who is also a very good human being & transfer his traits to that particular person.
I am telling you a true story that in our street a person who’s name is Khuram. He is a very good person & good businessman. He is running many charity homes & help many welfare centers. One day I was going through the street and another person having old age with bad health is with him. Later I have asked him about that then he has said to me that he is my father & three or four days ago he came from jail after 20 years. I shocked & asked about his life. In short, Then he told me that my father was a criminal. He was drinker, gambler, thieve & killer etc. You can say that he has every evil or sin on the earth. Daily he beats my mother, my younger sister & me with hands & stick harshly. One night a police van came & arrest my father in a murder case. In that case Judge gave him imprisonment of 20 years. At that time I was just 10 years old. My younger sister & me were thankful to the God that now no one will beat us. After some time my younger sister died due to a some disease when she was in her 8th year. My mother also died after one year. I joined hotel as a dish washer to fulfill my physiological needs. One day I was wandering on the street a person came towards me & asked me you are a child of Sharfu. I have said yes.

He was my uncle who’s name is Ali take me with him & bring me up with their children. Now I am in front of you. No body can say that he is a child of that person who has not a good background or who is not a good citizen. I pray for my uncle who guides me & support me in such a way.
So, a person who come up with a good environment, good guidance & support ca become a good human being & can support others. Hereditary is there but no child is criminal by birth. You can make a child a good citizen with good guidance & support.