Are Children who are Mentored less likely to End in Prison – Yes

This is an extremely easy question to answer since there are many children that with the help of mentors, teachers and even close or distant family members have been able to turn their lives around and even become more productive members of society. These children are more likely to learn from their parents’ mistakes and have more in common with other children with the same relationships as well. There are many reasons why with the same acknowledgment that certain children have more of a knack at making more out of themselves in society. 

Many communities make their goals to educate children who come from families that have at least one parent or family member in prison to talk about their feelings and what they have learned about this experience. There are many positive side effects to doing this. Many children, students and even young adults say things that are actually inspiring to people when they do not even realize it. These children are more than just examples, they can make something out of their lives just as easily as their parents tried to give them a better life.

If any child is mentored regardless of their situation or their place in life, it is more likely that they will have a more productive role in everything that they do. There is more to children than adults know, because they are more capable of taking in information than what adults realize. There is more to children’s thoughts and opinions than what some adults even realize. Many children actually see themselves being more than just a regular person in society and actually being more active in their jobs, careers or universities as they go along. 

Children who are mentored and taught to do better in life and have someone who actually appreciates them and listens to them whenever they have a problem or question about their life or how can they get out of the situation in which they are on, are more likely to have more luck finding the right way to prosper in their futures than those who do not, and have a harder time talking about what they want to do in their future.

There are many ways to help a child do more in their lives than anything else. Some of these ways are simply by allowing children to talk to someone and ask questions altogether.