Are Online Degree Programs Helpful to your Career – Yes

Obtaining your degree online could potential yield individual advancement opportunities in their present career or with future job options; however, you must be aware of the potential drawbacks for such a decision. While many private industry organizations are not as stringent on where the actual degree was secured; most public and government facilities do not accept online degrees for career advancement.

I current work for a public agency and while I have a bachelor’s in Business Administration, Masters in Business, and I am working on my Masters in Psychology-the firm I am employed with does not recognize any of my degrees because they were all received from an online institution and while the school that I attended (and still currently enrolled with) is recognized as a nationally accredited institution for education this has no bearing on the my organization’s decision.

Should you change your mind about getting your degree online? I would suggest doing some research first. Before you invest your time, energy, and money into an online academic program research the organizations that hire for your particular field of study. Do not be afraid to ask if they would accept an online college degree as proof of your educational accomplishments. If you are attempting to advance your career with your current employer, ask what degree programs and institutions will be considered for advancement opportunities. Especially in these times of extreme economic changes and more individuals seeking to fulfill their dreams of academic accomplishment – the job market will be tougher than ever to penetrate and conducting a little bit of research could mean the difference between obtaining an online degree that will allow you the chance to be successful in your endeavors or having a very expensive diploma with no chance of occupational reward.

I am speaking from experience because I did not know, prior to accepting the position with my current employer, my degrees would not be considered as proof of my accomplishment. If I had asked the questions sooner (rather than later) I could have made a more informed decision regarding my career choice. However, experience can sometimes be the best teacher and it has helped me to redirect my focus and become better prepared for my future academic and career choices. I am now in the process of securing a degree in a field that will not only accept my online diploma but will also afford me the opportunity to achieve my long-term goal of financial stability. Create a educational and career plan, select a field of study you enjoy and would love to pursue a job that will be satisfactory and rewarding, investigate the organizations hiring in the industry that you select, make sure to ask questions about educational institution requirements, and make sure that you are ready for the journey to make your dreams into reality.