Assessing Organizations that Provide Study Abroad Experiences

When assessing agencies that have success with language learning skills of participators, one cannot ignore the work of the Voluntary Services Overseas, who not only help their workers with their language skills, but who make working in a foreign environment a valuable and very rewarding experience.

The Voluntary Services Overseas is an international society that provides workers to areas of need, though the rich variety of work available means that it interests people from all walks of life, from nurses to teachers and qualified staff, right through to teenagers that want to fill in time in between studies. The work that they do is amazing.

The choices of work that they offer for long term workers enables the workers to live and work in foreign communities over a two year period. What the worker gets for their work cannot really be described in terms of payment, although the life experience that workers take back home with them are ones that can only be gained by living in countries that require their skills. Air fares are paid, and a minimal living allowance is given to workers, but more than this, the opportunity to live amongst people that speak a different language is the main advantage as well as providing valuable humanitarian work that will put those workers in good stead for a balanced and open minded lifestyle.

Not only are you plunged into a strange environment. The Voluntary Services Overseas makes sure that you have a support team with you during your stay, although the real work done is amongst foreigners, providing a wonderful opportunity to learn language and communication in languages that perhaps a learning student would never have thought possible.

In addition, the Voluntary Services Overseas helps you settle back in at home when your contract is finished, since the transition will not always be easy.

In order to help countries develop means of self support, there are also work projects available on shorter term contracts, and here the learning is much the same as far as language goes, although obviously the longer term contracts do enable the student to live in a community, and gives them a much more rewarding and full education in that spoken language, just by their day to day activity.

The global exchange for kids is a huge stepping stone to world understanding and can help children learn language as well and here language students get practical experience with their language skills.

For details of this very humane association, and it’s work, do visit their website. The experience may change your life, and an experience with them increase not only your language skills, but your understanding of life on earth from other perspectives than your own.