Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum

One of the best Christian home school curriculums is the A Beka curriculum. This curriculum is used by Christian private schools as well as families and groups that are home schooling their children.

The A Beka curriculum begins with the pre-school child and follows all the way through high school, college prep and even college. Their curriculum includes all of the required scholastic areas as well as training in growing up in a Christian environment with Christian values.

They also have a curriculum for the immigrant with their English as a Second Language. This curriculum is currently being used in private schools as well as community centers to assist with teaching the many Hispanics who are moving into the towns and neighborhoods.

The churches are also using the A Beka curriculum to assist with their Sunday school classes. If you are hoping to instill the values in your children or grandchildren that were instilled in you as a child and have the desire to take a hands-on approach to their education, you can begin as soon as your child can understand and recognize the sound of your voice.

A Beka offers online events to provide assistance with planning your child’s daily lesson plans. These lesson plans have been offered in one form or another for 50 years. To add to the lesson plans there are also visual aides that come in the form of charts and posters to add positive reinforcement. Each lesson plan has a suggested time frame for progression that can be adjusted to the individual child.

If a parent has several children to teach together, the lesson plans can be adjusted so that each child gets his or her full amount of time.  The older child will spend more time doing class work than the kindergarten child or even the toddler but the curriculum plans for each separate age.

The curriculum always allows time for snack time, recess, lunch and breaks as necessary. A Beka offers sample schedules for the parents and school to use for example. Each schedule takes into consideration the child’s limited attention span.

As a parent just beginning to home school a child, the A Beka Academy can be an alternative to being the lone voice in the room. Children can learn from the videos supplied by the Academy leaving the parent to work as a teacher’s helper rather than the final authority.

Sometimes this makes the transition to home schooling a little easier for both the parent and child.  Through the Academy everything is provided for the class year and in the end the child is awarded a diploma after completion of the 12th grade. The parent does not evaluate the child’s work; it is sent to the Academy.

This removes the parent from the grading position. A Beka Academy is an accredited program. If your child should go back to public or even private school, he or she will have an accredited transcript to accompany him/her. The Academy also provides summer schooling.  Of course, the basis for the Academy is also the A Beka curriculum.  A child who graduates from the Academy is eligible to apply for a scholarship to Pensacola Christian College.

The A Beka curriculum is available through distance learning to anyone who is interested in providing a quality Bible based Christian education and can be adapted to suit your family and situation.