Best Website for Learning Chemistry

Chemistry, Physics, and mathematics are all things that I struggled with in high school. They were my least favorite subjects and I had to work the hardest to earn good grades. Fortunately, I found a website that helped me tremendously. is a great place to go to learn about science and math. You may not believe me because it seems like Sparknotes is known mostly for their English help with summaries and practice questions for popular classic literature. However, Sparknotes is a wonderful tool for math and science ecspeically.

The site breaks down the science and math subjects very eaily. Sometimes they have more information than you need to know but it is easy to decipher the text and find what you need. They also make everything in a very appealing format to the eye. It helps you focus and convince yourself to keep reading when you are trying to learn or study. I defintely recommend Sparknotes for these subjects. Chemistry has a lot of different symbols and a lot of different aspects that are sometimes hard to find good, “truthful” information on the internet but Sparknotes makes it easy.

My favorite part about the way that Sparknotes teaches Chemistry is that it starts at the beginning and then puts everything into chapters and sections. It’s easy to find what you are looking for. They also provide graphs, symbols and images for you to better understand what they are talking about which is important in a subject such as Chemistry. I loved using Sparknotes for science while I was in high school and I’m sure you will too. The great part about Sparknotes is that it contains college information as well so it can always be resourceful for you. You’ll find that no matter what level of learning you are at, you can find information that pertains to your level. 

Lastly, I would just like to note that Sparknotes can be used for other things but that it is not a great resource for English. If you are in an English class you NEED to read the book and then “sparknote” it. If you haven’t read the entire text yourself, you may be okay, but if you have to write a paper using the text then you won’t be able to. If your paper is analysis or in-depth at all, you will have need to read the book so be careful of that. Enjoy using Sparknotes for all of your science and math needs!