Big Brothers and Big Sisters how to Apply as a Mentor

At Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), being a mentor in one of its mentoring programs means being able to help another just by being yourself. You may be considering how to apply as a mentor. Beinga mentor in the BBBS organization makes you more than someone who is professionally related to the child or youth that you will mentor. As the name of the organization implies, you will become a big brother or sister – a Big – to someone for an hour or more per week, depending on the number you can commit yourself to. As a big brother or sister, your impact will certainly be greater than that of a doctor or a psychiatrist.

You may also be wondering what being a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters will demand of you. Take heart that being a mentor in the BBBS program simply means that you are a big brother or big sister to a child, often referred to as your Little. You will be paired with a Little whose interests are similar to yours. This matching is done so that you and your Little wil have common topics to talk about, and by doing so, you will be able to build a bridge of friendship and trust with your Little. By doing so, it is also hoped that your Little will trust you enough to open up to you, and take your positive advice on negative issues in his life.

Now that you are convinced that you can make a difference to somebody’s life in a small way, you can start by applying as a mentor by clicking on the Volunteer link at You will see the words Volunteer to start something, with a field for you to type your zip code into, at the top right hand corner of the webpage. If you still want to find out more, click on one of the four yellow links below that reads Be a Big Brother, Be a Big Sister, Real Life Stories, and Sign Up to Volunteer.

Once you have read and are convinced that mentoring as a Big is what you want to do, click on Sign up to Volunteer, enter your zip code and click the Submit icon. You will come to the link that depicts all the contact information that you need of the BBBS agency nearest your home. At the top left of the link, you will find the agency name, the address, the contact person’s email address, the website address, as well as the telephone number.

A few lines below the telephone number are fields that you would need to complete. The fields include your first and last names, your gender, date of birth, email address, phone and phone type. Once you have filled in the fields, click the Submit icon and your application as a mentor is on its way. Once your existence has been verified, you will be contacted by a staff of your local BBBS agency who will inform you of their decision to accept your application as a mentor.

Once your application as a mentor online has been submitted, that is not the end of the application, however. If your application will be considered, you will also have to undergo personal interviews, and background checks that include two references concerning your mentoring abilities. Because you are going to mentor little beings that have had more than their fair share of troubles in their families, their safety is top priority. Hence the stringent application processes.

If you do not make it as a mentor at BBBS but are still keen to contribute to the organization, you can do it in kind, with donations of cash or clothes, toys or games. You might also consider joining one of their fund-raising projects. BBBS is an organization that runs on donations and public funds. Its hundred years of service to society have garnered much support from the community, and have pointed the right way to many a wayward child or youth. Your consideration to apply as mentor or aide in any other way is indeed commendable. Whatever way you serve the BBBS organization, remember that young lives are being helped by your kind services.