Big Brothers and Big Sisters how to Apply to be Mentored

How to apply to be mentored at Big Brothers Big Sisters in the United States is a simple matter. However, your decision to apply for your child to be mentored can affect the potential of your child in many positive ways. Big Brothers Big Sisters has mentoring programs for children aged five through eighteen. There are 470 agencies that you can enroll your child at. Find one nearest your home. To apply, you may do it online, or walk into the center in your state and speak with one of the staff there.

To apply online, go to the website Click on Enroll a child link, and enter your five-digit zip code. You will be linked to a webpage that will display the agency nearest you, if one does exist in your state. If you would prefer to speak to the staff and clear any doubts before you make a decision to apply to be mentored, look at the top left corner of the page for enrolling. Under the agency’s name, you will find an email address in the form [email protected], for example. This means the staff to contact is Alice Noel, and the agency is at Atlanta.

On the webpage, other than the name and address of the agency, the contact person, the contact number, as well as the agency’s website where you will find a host of information that is closer home to you regards the agency in your state, you will also find fields that you fill in to submit to the agency online if you feel you are ready to enroll your child or charge if you are a guardian.

These fields include the parent’s or guardian’s first and last names, the child’s gender and date of birth, the parent’s or guardian’s email address and a response to whether you would like to receive the BBBS ENewsletter and other special email campaigns. Fill in all these details before you click on the Submit button.

It is necessary for you to provide contact details at this stage because it is one way of verifying the authencity of the application. As Big Brothers Big Sisters is a free organisation and runs on donations and public funds, it is only right that they ensure authenticity of each applicant and their family members.

Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program is a wholesome program in which parents and guardians have a role to play. There cannot be a case of conflict of interest for the child whereby the parents or guardians and the mentor have different expectations of the program. The parents or guardians must work hand in hand with the mentor in reaching the program’s expectations.

What the child accomplishes under the mentor can easily be undone back home if the parents or guardians practise another set of rules or have no support for the program at all. Even if support is not given at home, there must be neutrality, not opposition from home, for the program, to ensure that the program succeeds.

If you are ready to apply to be mentored, approach your parent or guardian to sign on online or at the agency. Alternatively, if yor are a parent or guardian, signing your child or ward up to be mentored may be the best thing you will ever do for your child or ward if he is not heeding your advice at the moment. There is no loss in face if you, or your child or ward is in a mentoring program. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, your child or ward will find another guide in the form of a mentor that will help him grow the way he should.