Boot Camp Survive how to

Joining the military is a noble cause. It will teach discipline, honor, respect, and leadership along with many other important lessons. The attributes learned through training will prepare anyone for the future they desire. This all sounds great but, surviving boot camp is the first step.

Boot camp will test a person’s physical and mental strength, and then push it to the breaking point. Long days and little sleep will wear on the body, forcing you to push yourself farther than ever before. While boot camp is physically challenging and the question of why you are there may cross your mind, the reward for this honorable duty far out ways the physical turmoil.

During boot camp Drill Sergeants will yell, scream, shout, and push a soldier to their physical limit. A Drill Sergeants job is to break a soldier down, then at their lowest point, build them back up. Remembering this during the hard times in boot camp, is a good way to keep your mind focused and clear. Realizing it is only a part of the training and you will come out a stronger person on the side, will help make boot camp less stressful. Constantly remind yourself it is training and all apart of “the game”.

Physical fitness and endurance is another key factor in boot camp. Some people are naturally stronger and more agile than others. This fact is understood and is why physical fitness tests are based on age and gender. The important thing is always give it everything, even if your peers can run circles around you. As long as you are seen doing your best, you will not be the center of attention. This is a good thing.

A person who draws unnecessary attention to themselves will stand out in a bad way. To avoid being a Drill Sergeants “favorite” trainee, blend in. Do what you are told, when told to do it. It really is that simple. Do not draw unnecessary attention by attempting to be the barracks clown. This type of person will become a defenseless target for a Drill Sergeant’s elaborate creativity. Stand out for good reasons such as, physical fitness, or academics. That is the type of attention you want in boot camp.

The above three steps will help anyone survive boot camp. Remember, it is all a part of training, do your best physically and mentally, and blend in with everyone around you. Follow these rules and boot camp will be a great experience you will never forget.