Boot Camps and their Purpose


See what you think about these alternatives to Prison time initially for potentially lost causes.

As tax payers, we spend billions of dollars on people in Prisons, Jails and Youth camps. Billions of dollars of damage and theft are caused by these people and many thousands of lives are lost and ruined by these people. If you think that number is wrong, around 40 thousand people are murdered in the United States each year! So let’s try and be proactive and get to these folks before they are lost causes.

Let’s start with kids. There are far too many kids that are being left unchecked without any discipline, respect for others and a clue as to what is right and wrong. It is a fact that they are learning none of these at home, for whatever the reason. Our school system is getting softer and softer as far as being able to correct any behavior issues with kids. I say we reverse this trend!

The ACLU will not like this but their only interest is making America softer by making more excuses for criminals. Well because more and more kids now days are getting into more and more trouble, we need to try and intervene at a very early stage. I say we spend the money hiring more teachers and disciplinary folks to work the schools.

We add classes like respect 101′, right and wrong for beginners’ and religion for all’. The religion class will teach the peaceful parts of all religion and the Atheist can have a say as well, as long as it is peaceful. The reason that a lot of kids are so messed up now days are because they have not a clue as to how to function in society. The parents don’t care, or they themselves are clueless. And the ACLU just does not like kids being told what to do, or their “rights” violated.
I say we spend the money and time trying to get to these kids early and I think it will work for a lot of kids. I guarantee this will cost less than the cost of all the crime they will commit and the cost of prison time. And just think of all the murders, physical violence and the lives destroyed that could be prevented!

And unfortunately for those kids who just do not want to change or learn, we must have more Boot Camps for kids. This environment is just the opposite of the schools, more emphasis on discipline and respect and less standard classes. We do this instead of letting these kids go wild.
And then for those 17 and older who still are being resistive then I believe they must go into the military.

A lot of you out there will think that this is way too harsh for kids, we would be violating their rights. Some will say we are taking the responsibility away from the parent. Now we would not be. For those parents who raise their kids properly, or for those kids who choose the right path, then this system will not affect them at all. But for those parents who cannot handle their kids or just do not give a dime about them, then this will give the kids a chance to learn what is right.
We have to do something folks! The prisons are filling up faster than we can build them, and if we cannot build them fast enough, some judge says that the prisoners are being treated to bad and need to be released early? But more importantly too many innocent people are being affected by these lost, disrespectful clueless potential criminals.