Boys Work better with Male Mentors – Male

In this current environment of equality, women’s liberation on the job, and in daily living, the lines have purposely been blurred in the way the sexes interact.  Political correctness has gone so far as to be detrimental to the raising of our young men today.  It is imperative a good male role model be another male.

Fathers who are actively involved in their son’s formative years ideally are the perfect scenario.  Today with the tremendous rate of single parents where especially the mother is left to raise the son, has proven quite successful, but not ideal.  The young man needs a male role model.  He needs a place, other than the street corner, to learn about the opposite sex.  There are appropriate ways to interact in the face of peer pressure, and a huge influx of hormones.

A man-to-man conversation helps the young man learn the value of responsibility.  Young male looks to more mature successful men as role models sometimes, just because they have fame and money.  It is important for young men to realize men have feelings, they cry when they are emotionally hurt, and that is fine.  The real male role model is not the football star or the great actor.  The real male role model is the man who gave up many of his childhood wishes, to devote time to supporting a family.  A man who is active in his faith, and does good works for members of his community, is an excellent role model.  A man who donates his time and skills to the less fortunate, for the betterment of the community, is an excellent role model.  

Men need other men in their lives.  During those influential years, a young boy growing into manhood does not need his head filled with the trash on TV and Radio.  The young man learns from seeing other men react to situations, and how they behave, within the confines of society.  It takes a strong adult man, to tell a young person life is not always fair, and there is still a great deal of hate and prejudice in the world.  The hate and prejudice are now your choice to leave in the gutter, where it belongs, or carry the flames of injustice on to your children’s children.  A man learns from a man the buck stops here.  A man learns everyone experiences fear but a man works through that fear, and does something positive.  Men fight wars, and brave men stop wars and talk about peace.  Being a man is the greatest gift of the human race and with the gift comes the greatest responsibilities.  Learn and be inquisitive as a man.  Men help men, those men help generations, and those men help society as a whole.