Brain Based Learning

If you don’t have possessions, you have a brain. Your first gift. Treat yourself to a dictionary, as your tool. Boring? For me, it turned out to be an amazing journey. All I had, was an old Websters English 1923 version. I had never ever bothered with reading. I realized I could see where it led to. Instead of coming up against words I had never heard of, I began to dig like a gardener. Starting with just one word (I can’t even remember,) it was where it led me, that stared the trip of a lifetime.

A book, which was a boring but necessary occasional book, I simply wanted to know where the word I wanted, originated. All due to a report I had started on scraps of paper, needing more explanation of how to write it in English. I had learned to speak, but only stuttered and stumbled to read. I wished I had been a gifted linguist, because of the many dialects I mixed with, in Africa. I knew three to converse in, and just a few to greet. Yet only one of my own ‘to think.’ So when I do open my mouth: sometimes one or another comes out automatically.

Having given up my job with Revlon Cosmetics to work amongst the homeless, I scribbled notes of interest; I knew also I had to live the way they did, to experience it. It was in moments of much aloneness, that the scraps of paper took shape, when I turned to this dictionary. It was only one of 2 books I possessed. For me it became prized, and my interest became so keen, that I forgot I was hungry. That… is Brain Power!

I found myself dissecting words, expanding their own category, and could only do it my way. Using this way of writing the word down, it didn’t matter, so long as I knew what I was doing. All I knew was, something deep within me. It led me to a new facts, that there really was another word with another meaning.

Following the links until I came to a satisfying conclusion; getting myself an old secondhand school exercise book, my scribbling to any-one would look like a bit of English; root languages of many lands, plus my own code of hieroglyphics. I’m inclined to begin at the back of a book when writing too, which doesn’t make sense to others.

Having started with just one word, one book, and one brain, I ended up with two fools-cap sized exercise books, and one, many linked, subject matter. Until arriving at the nuclear waste issue, and what to do with it! Now, entered the equation. Sound far fetched ? It might: but I can’t let it out of my hands until I find the same wave length of brain power to comprehend it together, because of it’s value.

When the Atom was first discovered, the scientists grew to learn more: until the positive side of it all, was used also for negative reasons. The rest is in the history books. To date, the waste of this nuclear power is the biggest problem, which has come out of it all. Figuring, if a mind could create all that, another mind, could turn it’s waste into something for good. Just as waste products, can be re-cycled, and safely used. This is more energy!

Wow. Is this me (the one who left school at 15 to nurse my young dying Mum,) who couldn’t even remember any science I had learned, sharing my brain-based learning? I know it’s right. I’ve had too many things proven true over time. For some unknown reason, it has always been, some time in my future, things have been proven by others. I’m not looking to be first, just need another mind to relate to mine. Thanks for sharing, my brain! Enjoy your own journey.