Brain Gym Learning Problems whole Brain Integration Effective Learning

Brain Gym consists of a set of easy exercises that will improve whole brain integration.

To achieve whole brain integration Brain gym developed a set of easy exercises to help the individual to achieve “unblocked” information processing.

For processing of information we use our eyes, ears, hands and brain. As we all know we have one of each on the left and right side of our bodies. We also have a right and left brain lob. One of these will always be dominant. In a situation where stress is involved, which is most learning situations, the dominant side takes over.

The ideal situation for a left brain dominant person will than be that hand, eye and ear domination will be on the right side. This is important for the quick processing of information. Information processed on the left side of the body automatically goes to the right side of the brain and information processed on the right side of the body goes to the left side of the brain. During stressful learning the dominations(eye, ear, hand and brain) on the same side will become “blocked”. An example will be if a right brain dominant person also has a dominant right eye. In information processing the right eye will send the information to the left brain, but because the left brain is not dominant the information has to be send from the left brain to the right brain. In the process information will get lost and more time is necessary to process the information. The same concept will apply to the hand or ear if the dominant hand or ear is on the same side as the dominant brain.

Very few people have open channels to their dominant brain side. Once you know your dominations (which can be done by a very simple test) you suddenly realise why you for instance process information much better by listening (ear and brain domination will be on opposite sides) or reading ( eye and brain domination will be on opposite sides).

To be able to process information quickly and efficient you need to integrate both sides of the brain so that information can be processed without hindrances. In other words the left side and right side of the brain must be able to process information equally under stressful situations.

Brain Gym works wonders with children with learning problems but can also be used with much sucess with adults. You are never to old to train your brain.

The ideal would be that each pupil in any learning situation should have a brain dominance profile and every educator should have the knowledge to assist the learner in achieving whole brain integration. I believe many learning problems in schools can be solved with this knowledge.

The exercises are simple, not too time consuming but needs to be done on a regular basis.