Can Distance Learning be Standin for College

Can distance learning be a substitute for college?

Yes! Distance learning can definitely be a substitute for college. I completed my AA-BA through an on-line University and this non-traditional way of earning college credits was most suitable for my hectic schedule and provided a flexible, convenient way of getting my degree.

Nonetheless, distance learning isn’t for everybody. Individuals must be self-motivated, organized, disciplined and have a strong ability to work independently. Most assignments require an abundance of chapter reading, studying and reviewing before assignments are completed and submitted. This option would not benefit someone who is easily distracted and/or has a hard time staying focused on his or her assignments.

One advantage is it’s flexible. Instead of rushing to an early a.m. class or to a late night session after work, you can complete schoolwork in your spare time. So that means you keep your normal job schedule, or continue being a stay at home parent while getting your degree. You just have to set aside time a few days a week to read, study and complete your assignments.

One disadvantage would be missing the overall “college experience” that most people desire to have. Going to a traditional college means attending classes, interacting with peers, and meeting and/or coming into contact with all kinds of people. There are plenty of organizations to join and a lot of extra-curricular activities to get involved with that help the student become more well-rounded and this (in my opinion)is what distance learning lacks.