Can Distance Learning Rescue Teens from Dropping out of High School

Distance learning has become a very popular option in the last few years. It affords the student flexibility and freedom in their study. There are a wide range of course available through distance learning; often, these are not offered in high schools.

When we reach our mid-teens, we have spent around 12 years in full-time education. It is easy to forget as we grow older just how grueling this can be. Many of the subjects we were required to take are not to our liking, and we receive copious amounts of homework, so that school occupies our evenings as well as our weekdays.

Combine this with the craving for freedom that develops in adolescents, and it is no wonder that they want to drop out.

Having spent their whole lives being forced to go to school, having a chance to make the decision to quit is very attractive. Of course, the adults in their lives will talk about their future and how important it is to be educated. But as a teenager, it is difficult to see past the next few months, never mind 10 years down the line.

Teenagers want more freedom. They are growing up, and are ready to take on more responsibility. There are very few ways that teenagers can take on responsibility, being too young to take on a proper job and still under the guidance of their parents. Giving them responsibility for their education could be the answer.

Distance learning requires responsibility. There are many courses from which to choose, and the student may select ones that they are interested in. This will make it easier to stick with, because they will be enjoying the work. However, there will still be times when they struggle, and the challenge will be to get through them.

Some teenagers are simply not ready for this responsibility, and will continue to rebel. They may regret this later; they may not. But it is their choice, and it is important that they are allowed to make it.

However, some will thrive when given the chance to take their education into their own hands. It will change their view of education from something which is forced upon them to something which they are choosing to do.

This can instill in them a passion for learning, and inspire them to work hard and complete the course.

Many teenagers drop out of school because it is too structured, offers them little freedom and doesn’t present any real challenges. For them, a distance learning course could be exactly what they need.

Too often in our society we underestimate the abilities of our children and, by having low expectations of them, they underachieve. Some teenagers need to be given responsibility in order to flourish, and distance learning is a good opportunity to do this.

There are also teenagers who struggle to go to school for other reasons. Some are getting bullied, and others suffer from mental or physical illnesses.

For them, distance learning is a great solution. It allows them to get an education without having to suffer through school. They can choose from a wide range of courses and complete them at their own pace.

If school is simply not an option, distance learning can be crucial in helping them to gain an education.

It is normal for teenagers to rebel against and question authority, and this is just a sign that they are ready to take on more responsibility. Distance learning gives them this opportunity, whilst educating them and teaching them skills which will be important throughout life, such as self-discipline and time management. For those who feel unable to go to school, it provides them with a chance to get an education without struggling through high school.

Distance learning courses can be the answer for teenagers who want to drop out of high school.

Talking through their options with them and allowing them to make up their own minds can guide them towards the right option for them, without them trying to rebel against the people who are just there to help.