Challenges of Homeschooling High School Students

Homeschooling can be challenging at the best of times, but when homeschooling high school students, additional challenges can be found.  Here is an overview of some of the challenges of homeschooling high school students. 

Teenage rebellion

During the teenage years it is normal for teenagers to test the boundaries and to rebel against their parents to some extent.  In a school setting, teenagers are more likely to conform to the rules that are set by adults.  Teenagers are often more likely to dismiss the rules that are set by their parents.  This can lead to challenges when homeschooling if you teenager will not conform to the tasks that you set or the timetable that you have devised.  It is important to persevere with your rules so that your child continues to reap the benefits of being taught at home.  If you give in to your child then there is potential for your child not to reach their full potential.

Outside influence

There are many people that have negative views and opinions about homeschooling.  As your child gets older and more independent it is possible that they will become more aware of different people’s viewpoints about homeschooling.  Comments may be made by their peers that can impact on your child’s own views of being home schooled.  At this age, young people are also able to form their own opinions based on looking a different viewpoints based on conflicting arguments.  It is possible that at this age your child may protest to being home schooled despite previously having been happy to be home schooled.  They may also wish that they were spending more time with their peers like children who attend mainstream education do.

Subject knowledge

There are very few people who are an expert in every subject.  As your child gets older they will need to study more varied topics and these subjects become more complex.  This can pose a challenge to parents who are homeschooling as they may not have the subject knowledge that is needed to teach their child that particular topic. This may mean that additional planning is required to prepare for lessons in some subjects.  Similarly, subjects may require more equipment which can be difficult and expensive to obtain.

Despite these challenges that are faced when homeschooling a high school student, it can still be very rewarding and can have benefits for you, your child and your family as a whole.