Choosing a Curriculum

What books should a parent choose for homeschooing their children? This question is not easily answered. There are many factors here, cost, abiblity, level of previous education, and what will be the easiset system for the parent involved in the teaching process? One must also consider the different requirements for education that may have been set by their state laws. A little research can reap a great deal of help in this area.I have chosen three different curriculums well-known to many home shcoolers for comparison:

A Beka Curriculum. This is an in-depth,above average curriculum. The lesson plans are excellent and everything is laid out for you. I used this curriculum my first year of home schooling ( I got if for free from a friend, and he could read and decipher four syllable words at six or seven years old. There are many safe guards and repetition built in to insure that the student will be able to master the concepts being presented. There is also a video school alternative for those afraid that they cannot adequately teach their child. The disavantage of this curriuclum is that it is not the best for a slower learner,as the concepts can be dificult to learn in the manner presented.It was totally inappropriate for my older son who had learning disabilities.It can also tend to be rather expensive.

Alpha Omega Publications. This si in my opinion, an excellent curriuclum for the sef-directed learner. He or she can go as fast or as slow as they need. There are even answer keys etc. provided for those of us or you that need help teaching higher Math concepts. It is fairly reasonable priced and the graphics in the workbooks are easy to understand. I have taught this curriculum for several year, and find it easy to use. There are down sides to this curriculum. A very visual child may have problems not becoming bored. The parents needs to be sure that the student is paying attention to thework and not simplyfilling in the blanks.

School of Tommorow. The format of this curriculum is similar to Alpha Omega, buy they are th=wo distinct curriculums. Again, the workbook format and the teaching aids are very user-friendly, and great for the self motivated student. The way of presentation is perfect for a special or slow learner. It is not as fast paced learning as Alpha Omega. I personally did not like the Math concepts in the way they were presented. I found(especially the older grades) of Math very confusing to me as a teacher, let alone a student. The cost for this is not very great when compared to other currciculums.

Finally, the greatest and formemost idea to consider when choosing a curriculum for home schooling your child is to know your own child. Get a fairly comprehensive placement test and test your child to see what they need to know. You can put togethe a good curriculum from many different sources. Every child is different and evey child has a unique learning style. In order to get a “feel” for each of these lesson plans, go the the interntet and do some research. Many publishers will send you a scope and sequence, an overview of what they offer and sometimes even samples.