Christian Cover Schools for Homeschoolers in Alabama

If you are looking to homeschool in the state of Alabama, one option is to enroll in what is called a cover school. Cover schools are also referred to as umbrella schools. A cover schools vary on what they require and what they choose to offer. Regardless, cover schools must be religious in orientation which means they must be sponsored by a church or group with similar spiritual beliefs. The most popular is Christian cover schools. Some schools require a testament of faith whereas others do not and accept families of all faiths. Although some cover schools offer classes to enroll in, most do not. Therefore the parent is still responsible for educating the child. Some schools even require a pre-enrollment interview where many school just require you to fill out the paperwork and pay tuition.

Testament of Faith

Evangel Christian School is one cover school that requires you to make a statement of Christian faith. They are located in Alabaster, AL and are operated under Evangel Presbyterian Church. Their tuition fee is $35 a month for nine months with a $175 registration fee. They also offer a variety of services including classes, testing, extra-curricular activities, and even scholarship potential. You can visit their website for more information or call the school at (205) 706-2595.

Located in Eva, AL, The Way Home Christian School is another cover school that requires a testament of faith. Their fees are $125 a year with a registration fee of $25 for new families. If you are enrolled with them for four years the enrollment fee is reduced to $100. For more information on what they offer you can visit their website or call (256) 482-2801.

Another more popular cover school that requires a testament of faith is Covenant Christian Academy located in Huntsville, AL. This cover school requires more such as Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) membership, a 30-minute interview with the whole family, pastor recommendation from your church, and immunization records. Their tuition is $50 a month and $100 registration fee for new families. This cover school has much more to offer than most schools including classes for an extra fee. To find out more on their offerings and requirements, visit their website or call the school at (256) 882-3668.

No Testament of Faith

Dayspring Christian Academy is located in Verbena, AL and is one of the more popular cover schools for North Alabama. Their tuition is only $75 a year and covers the entire family. This cover school offers a variety of benefits, including parent seminars. More information is available at their website or you can call Donna Knox at (205) 755-8112.

Calvary School is another excellent cover school. It is based out of Madison, AL and ran by Carla Floyd. Their tuition ranges from $150 – $200 depending upon what time of year you enroll. They offer a variety of benefits including field trips and activities. Please visit their website to find more about what they offer or simply call Carla at (256) 922-0779

Pathways Academy is located in Glencoe, AL. They require parents to choose their own curriculum. Tuition is $125 a year with a $35 registration fee. Their students are eligible to participate in the National Spelling Bee and other competitions. For a complete list of what they offer you can visit their website or contact Tammy Jackson at (256)-494-1600.

This list is just a mere fraction of the number of cover schools available. If you would like to see more cover schools that are available you can visit a variety of websites.

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