Comparing Home Schooling and Traditional Education

Today with violence growing in schools some parents are looking into a different type of schooling. The type of schooling that they are looking into seems to be gaining popularity in many areas. The schooling is called home schooling. Home schooling is an area of school where you teach and monitor your child’s academic process. Some home school systems have the children come to a office location to test out of subjects and advance in grades while others allow the parents to do it all. Which school system is the best? That is up to you and your child.

First lets take a look at the option of home schooling.

* Pros to home schooling: Home school can offer many benefits for a child as well as a parent. Home schooling allows you the parent to teach your child as you see fit. It also allows for more time together in todays fast paced world. You may learn new things while teaching your child. It can be fun to learn together and if your child sees that you enjoy their studies may be more inclined to learn to impress you.

* Cons to home schooling: Properly home schooling a child can be a big job for a parent or sibling. Home schooling requires a lot of time and dedication. The child you are schooling at home misses out on many wonderful opportunities to make new friends their own age and learn how to socialize in an outside environment. Children that are home schooled may have separation anxiety if at a later time they have to be placed into a public school system.

Now with home schooling covered lets take a look at public schools.

* Pros to traditional school: A traditional school with have teachers trained to teach your child at each stage in their development. These trained teachers know how to help your child should they have a problem in their class. Traditional schools allow children to learn how to act outside the home. These schools also allow children to begin new friendships. Trust by people other than family begins to be learned.

* Cons to Traditional school: Traditional schools are sometimes over crowded and this leads to a lower level of learning. If over crowding is a problem you child may not be able to get the proper amount of help to fully learn the things they need to be taught. Violence is a growing problem in todays traditional schools. Many parents fear for their child’s safety. Traditional schools have a policy that insists on your child being there often even if they are sick. If a child misses more than the policy deems forgivable the parent may be finding a phone call or letter from a local judge. The parent must then deal with this on top of having a sick child.

Traditional education is seeing a decline over the last few years. Violence, over crowding, etc are to partly blame for this decline. It is not hard to see that home schooling is becoming the new choice of schooling. Traditional schools must reclaim their values and teaching abilities if they are to stay the choice of the numbers.