Computers for Gifted Children

How Personal Computers Help Gifted Children Work Smarter

A gifted child is a blessing; they need to be encouraged and nurtured in a way that brings out their fullest potential. Some research has suggested that implementing personal computers into the education process of gifted students will help to enrich their learning experience. Some ways that personal computers help gifted children work smarter include:

1. Providing a challenge

2. Creating efficiency

3. Introducing to computer technology

Providing a challenge

Gifted children need a challenge. A challenge keeps them interested in learning. Computer programs have the ability to track the progress of the child as well as provide a challenging learning curriculum. Also, having a personal computer challenges the child in a way that engages them mentally and physically causing them to be active learners.

Creating efficiency

Gifted children sometimes work at a higher pace than other students. By using a personal computer a gifted child can work at his or her own personal rate, causing them to learn at an efficient rate. By working at a higher pace the child can engage in knowledge to his or her fullest potential. Without a personal computer, the child would have to learn at the rate of the classroom curriculum holding the child back from his or her actual abilities.

Introducing Computer Technology

In a world that relies on computers in so many different aspects, starting to learn the ropes at a young age would be highly beneficial. Allowing gifted children access to their own computers would open the doors for them to have a firm grip on how computers function, allowing them to have skills that would be useful to them in later life.

By implementing computers into the education process for gifted children we are allowing them to have access to an unlimited amount of knowledge, as well as become proficient in educating themselves. The rewards that these children could receive from having personal computers are endless, but we need not forget about some of the threats that computers pose on our youth. Parental controls and guidance are necessary when a child uses a computer to make sure the child is not engaging in harmful programs. It is my opinion that the benefits of computers greatly outweigh the threats and as long as used correctly personal computers could help gifted children reach their highest learning potential. The idea that gifted learners need personal computers is by no means a stretch of the imagination. These children need to be challenged, so why not challenge them?