Computers for Special Kids

Personnel computers can be very useful for all pupils in a classroom situation , especially so for gifted pupils within in group situation. The personnel touch ables the lesson to be structured differently without other pupils being inconvenienced. The work can be aimed at the pupil and at their educational level. They can all be doing the same basic core subject but can work to different levels. The work can be aged based or skill based depending on its content ,maths can be age based for example while computer programming can be skilled based. The work can be kept separate so that no pupils find out that the work has differed between pupils . The work could also be printed out at the end of the lesson without it being named so that everyone can see what has been done without worrying who did what.

The child’s tasks could be set for a research project for example with the gifted child being given a harder or more intense task to do then the less gifted, then all the research could be pooled to make a class project. This way all kids are stretched to their own personal limits without any child being shown up at the end . The smarter child can also be allowed to help others to avoid them having time sitting doing nothing while other children may be working hard. Alternatively the gifted child could be given extra work to do to fill the time if this entertains them and keeps their concentration.

The use of computers may also help the gifted child to slow down their work as the computer work may be slower then their written work, also using a computer and printer may help the work appear more concisely and clearly.The gifted child could be gifted but not necessarily clean and tidy with their work. The brain could work fast on the work but not on writing so a computer could be very useful with this as well. The use of a computer will lead to an improvement in typing skills as well as computer skills which will always be useful, especially for job hunting.

The gifted child may come out of this within even more developed skills then the ones they begin with. They will end up with computer skills and also a better understanding of slowing down and concentrating. Some gifted children will rush work they find easy so computers my slow them down and in turn will improve the work as well. The computer can be a great bonus and also a great leveler as well, an advantage for all pupils in a class, regardless of ability.