Considerations for Choosing a Technical High School

Technical high schools are a great choice for young people who are not planning to continue their formal education into college. It also can be the right decision for those who are looking to continue with a vocational track at a junior college. Technical high schools offer a large variety of paths. In smaller communities, this might be a school that is shared by several communities. In larger cities, a number of different high schools may offer a selection of schools by the field of study.

The question of choosing a technical high school is a choice about what you want to do when you graduate. Obviously, if you want to build houses, then a school that offers carpentry, drafting, and maybe just a little hint of engineering might be the way to go. If you are looking at being an auto mechanic, you will want to select a school that teaches auto mechanics and maybe some general principles of mechanics, too. Once your field is selected, this will guide you toward the school or track of study in a combined school.

If you have a choice of schools that offer the same course of study, you may want to interview a few graduates from each school. You need to find out if they are pursuing a career in the selected field. If not, you may want to know why. Ask them how much their high school training benefited them in obtaining a job. You also want to find out how much it helped them to master the skills needed on a real job site.

The answers to some of these questions will help you make a decision about which is the best school. You may find that another field that you have some interest in will be better for you if the instructors and materials better prepare you for life after high school. The idea is to be prepared. You want to attend the school or course of study that will do that for you.