Disadvantages of Taking an Online course

With the age of technology many people are turning to the internet to complete college courses.  It is extremely helpful for a single parent, working parent or stay at home parent to be able to take classes at home. There are a lot of advantages such as saving on gas, ease of access and being able to work at your own pace. With all of the advantages that online learning brings there are disadvantages to taking a course online.

Some courses are very difficult. Taking the course online makes it hard to get help when needed. Most online courses do have professors available to answer questions, but the professor may not be available to answer the question right away. There are many times a person needs an immediate answer to a question. Sometimes it may be days before a question is answered and this can result in an assignment being turned in late. It is important to ask question at the beginning of the week when taking an online course so that a timely response can be received.

Some online courses require collaborative learning assignments. It is hard enough getting people to work together in a campus environment. Getting people to work together in an online setting is next to impossible. Most of the time one person ends up doing most of the work for the group which is irritating and unfair. If this happens, the person doing all of the work needs to make sure the professor is aware that he or she did all the work while the other members of the group did nothing.

Taking an online course can be lonely. Students have each other to lean on and bounce ideas off of in a campus atmosphere. With online atmosphere a person only has the computer screen to look at. There are other students taking the class too, however they are most likely not online at the same time so there’s no real classroom involvement to help a student learn.  Bouncing ideas off of other people and just having that friendship can help a person learn.

Computers and electricity do not always work properly. If an online learner has a computer breakdown he or she has to either miss assignments or go someplace else to complete due assignments. If the electricity goes out when a test is being taken this can result in a loss of points. Many colleges only allow one attempt, if something happens to stop that attempt it can be the difference between a good grade and bad one.

The advantages to taking a course online do outweigh the disadvantages however  a person need to be aware that no environment is perfect even if it seems to be.