Distance Learning

Distance learning has come a long way in the past 100 years! That’s right, 100 years of distance learning, and as technology has gotten better, so too have the benefits of learning from home. At first it was accomplished via correspondence and it was targeted at skills and military training for soldiers and sailors, but now it encompasses all aspects of training and education. It is now possible to earn anything from a certificate to an advanced degree via distance learning. These days, the focus is on college via distance learning more than anything else and the preferred method is via the Internet! Other methods include local area computer networks, TV and cable broadcasts and CD-ROM.

The benefits of attending college from home are many and we’ll review them here so you can decide if distance learning and attending college from home is for you or not.

1. The number one benefit of distance learning is flexibility. This means you can schedule your time to go over class material on the schedule that is best for you and at the time that offers the most convenience. Some people mistakenly say distance learning is self-paced but this is not always the case. Some schools and professors have schedules and deadlines that must be met but you do have the ability to determine how best to meet the requirements set for you. One aspect of flexibility that is especially valuable is the ability to travel on business and still be able to take college courses! There are military personnel who are serving in remote locations and even in combat zones who are taking college courses and earning their degree in preparation of when they become a civilian again

2. Another great benefit of on-line classes is that they greatly improve accessibility! While the traditional view on this has been that it can allow those people with physical disabilities to attend colleges, it also helps older people who may have problems with driving longer distances or at night. The access to colleges that are not in the immediate area is also another way that online and distance learning improves accessibility. Now you don’t have to be located near the college in order to attend the college when you can attend college from home. This also benefits returning veterans who may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and an online class will help ease them into college and help them adjust by keeping things orderly and giving them a sense of control.

3. Attending college at home is economical! No longer do you have to drive to the campus or plan on catching a meal away from home prior to attending class after you get off work. It may cost the student Internet access fees or postage, but these were generally expenses that were present before the decision to attend college at home.

4. Attending college at home is family friendly! No longer is a baby sitter needed and a parent doesn’t have to worry about juggling time to work and attend classes while raising children. Many a parent has burned a little midnight oil after junior went to bed or done homework while the little tyke was doing their homework. Not only does this set a great example but it actually helps to build a bond between child and parent because the child sees that the parent is working hard and the child will do the same to please the parent. It also helps a couple if one of them is attending college at home because the presence of the student at home is better than their being in class and out late which leads to less worry. Besides, there is nothing like taking a short break and getting a hug and a kiss before returning to the weekly assignment!

5. Lastly, attending college at home can lead to a certificate or a degree which gives the student a sense of accomplishment and can help them get a better paying job!

That completes our review of the benefits of attending college at home. See, you are most likely at home and you’ve learned about this from the comfort of your own home and now you have an idea of what the benefits are for attending college at home. I’ve earned several degrees from home and even on a ship while I was in the Navy and I can tell you it works very well. Come on in, the water’s fine!