Distance Learning

Many people want to earn a college degree, but are unable to attend regular classes for one reason or another.  Some people have health reasons that prevent them from attending classes or some have busy work or home lives that may not allow them to attend classes at the time they are regularly scheduled. Whatever the reason is for not being able to attend classes, distance learning is often the solution.

Distance learning is when you take classes online at your own pace to earn a degree. “At your own pace” may sound easy, but what that means is that even though you are not penalized for skipping a week or so, all of the work must be completed by the end of the term.  While distance learning can be very convenient, it can also be easy to let time slip away from you. Before too long, you may find yourself so far behind in your studies, you’re not able to finish the class.

Even though there’s no specific timeline or structure to most online classes, you should work your classwork into your regular schedule.  If you set aside the same time each week, it’ll just become a part of your weekly routine. Depending upon the class and your schedule, you may need to set aside some time several days a week to work on your studies – or maybe one or two days where you have several hours to devote to your classwork. You know what works best for your schedule and your life style. While distance learning is convenient, that doesn’t mean it’s easier than regular classes – it’s often more time consuming than going to class.

Most people who are enrolled in online classes do their studying at home. If evenings work best for you because you work during the day, you may get interrupted by family members who don’t understand why having a study routine is so important. Talk to your family about giving you quiet time while you are doing work for your class.

If you do get behind one week, try to make it up by scheduling more time to study the following week.  Online classes have professors – you just don’t usually see them face to face. If you’re having a problem understanding your work, contact your professor for some extra help or guidance.

In today’s busy world, convenience is the key to completing almost any task. A lot of people seem to spend most of their time multi-tasking. Between work and family life, distance learning may be the only way some people are able to earn their college degree. While it’s not going to be easy, it is possible to work, raise your family, and go to school at the same time – it just takes a little creativity!