Distance Learning how to Avoid Plagiarism in your Postings

In online learning, one of the most discussed issues would be the plagiarism issues in submitted online assignments as well as postings in different forums. Being a knowledge base of its own, the internet can provide the learners with enormous amount of information which at times may be abused by some to obtain good results by not necessarily achieving the intended outcomes of the course. Such abuses of submitting someone else’s work as if it is your own is known as plagiarism and is something that most institutions do not tolerate even for a single instance.

Although some do plagiarism intentionallym, for others it may be an accidental incident which would mainly be due to negligence. The reason being that, many who undertake online learning do not know what constitutes plagiarism and how such plagiarism acts be avoided. Therefore, this article will try and detail out a guide for those who wants to avoid accidental plagiarism in their postings in an online forum. Thus, following are some of the measures that you can take in order to minimize the plagiarism within the online system.

-Before posting, see if the idea behind the formulated text belongs to you or to someone else. If it is someone else’s, remember to cite the source in the same posting itself.

-See if the posting contains too many quotes from other people’s work. A posting which contains more of other people’s work would not be acceptable in most online training programmes even if you cite it appropriately.

-If you quote someone else’s work, check to see if you have cited the source according to the requirements of your online institution as different institutions would be using different citation techniques.

-Make sure the posting that you make is not a re-production of your own work which was made for some other assessment purpose in a different course or else for the same course. In such instances, you can post your earlier work to a new study programme only after receiving authority from your teachers or from the institution.

-Due to several students posting almost the same content in a discussion forum, it is possible that your work may reflect the work of another and therefore double check if your work can be differentiated from others by the tutors.

-Always follow your own writing style and method of presentation as it can prevent you from even accidentally inserting someone else’s work in your posting.

-When you read something and when you think that this requires being included in the posting, make sure to note down the source along with the useful content.

Finally, you should remember that, this is not a complete list of methods to avoid accidental plagiarism and self consciousness and being vigilant would be the best way to tackle such acts in an online environment.