Distance Learning in the us

Distance Education is an absolutely booming industry in the US. Not a day goes by that I don’t receive some sort of email from a US post secondary education eager to have me as a student.

The problem? Well, for one I live in Canada and many of the US distance/e-college’s and Universities simply won’t take me as a student. Even worse, some US friends of mine who have taken distance degree’s find they simply aren’t recognized or accredited in their State.
Another challenge for US distance degrees and diplomas is the complete lack of Arts based programs. Try looking for a distance degree in History or Philosophy and you’ll see what I mean.

Distance learning in the US needs to move beyond Business and Health related education. While these degrees are in demand, I know of many US potential students stymied by the lack of undergraduate degrees in various Arts fields. Further, until the US comes up with some National e-learning recognition, students are going to find difficulties with their Distance and e-learning qualifications.

I love distance learning, have taken individual courses from a US based institution, and two College diploma’s (nationally recognized) via Canadian distance education. Distance learning greatly assisted me with my career goals, when job requirements left me unable to attend college the traditional way.

I believe distance learning will continue to grow. Just let’s hope it evolves to nationally recognized diplomas/degrees and more undergrad Arts programs that students, if they wish, can easily use to enter grad school or the work force.