Distance Learning Programs for Health Professionals in the us

The topic of distance learning in the Health Profession is not truly achievable by just distance learning. Just as everything we study isn’t always absorbed mentally by being in a classroom. That is to say that anything you truly wish to learn or master must have both text comprehension as well as “Hands On” practice.

This makes the idea of distance learning with regards to the Health Profession very feasible. We can study a plethora of information prepared by professionals over the internet or by mail. This provides an avenue for structured comprehension of the text and a means to check the aptitude of the student with tests. On the other side of the equation we can get practical experience through hours of free service (free, but beneficial) to local Hospitals and Clinics. Guidelines would have to be set and criteria must be met as any other program or degree requires. I don’t think that we should be able to become Doctors, but careers in Nursing, Para medicine, etc. should be able to be achieved with this type of model.

If there were programs available like this, I would venture a guess that the quality and service of health-care system would improve. I believe there are a lot of people out there with a desire to help people. Mothers and Fathers who can’t quit their day jobs to go to school, but could study on the evenings and weekends to pursue their inner desire or personal goal to be a part of something that matters.