Distance Learning the Advantages of Attending College from Home

It was not too long ago that people did not have the option of going to college online. Being able to work and go to college, no daycare, gas savings, and working at your own pace are some of the advantages to long distance learning.

Long distance learning opens the door to education for people who otherwise would not be able to attend college. Many single parents who wish to get a better job have not been able to attend college to get a degree in the past. Now single moms can get a degree from home. Many single parents have to work and could not go to college if it was not offered online. Now people are returning to school because it is possible to support your family while furthering your education. Even married people or anyone who wants to get a degree can keep his or her “day job” and attend college. This way more people are finding good careers.

Parents with children at home do not have to get a babysitter, because they can do their college work from home. This lets the mom or dad stay home to care for the children, instead of putting them in daycare.  Kids are at an advantage when they are able to be at home with one of their parents instead of daycare. Mom or dad also are not as stressed because they are not trying to juggle college, driving kids to daycare and working.

A lot of money is spent on gas traveling to and from college. Taking classes online saves a lot of money on gas and also wear and tear on your vehicle.

It is much easier to do classes when you can work at your own pace. Some people are quick learners, whereas others need more time to master a subject. Being able to read at a slower pace makes it much easier to learn the subject being studied.  Some people work better when they can take a few days to read the subject matter.  Distance classes allow for the time to read and really understand the subject.

Distance learning has so many advantages. People can work and go to college at the same time, avoid daycare, save on gas, and work at their own pace. It is wonderful that people who could not attend a ground campus now have the opportunity to further their education so that they can start a career that will make them more financially stable.