Distance Learning the Advantages of Attending College from Home

Distance learning can be defined as that form of education in which students take academic studies by accessing information and communicating with their instructor through computer network, correspondence by regular mail, TV or radio broadcast, CD-ROM,etc. Distance learning is a type of learning situation in which the student and the teacher are separated both in time and space.


1. The most notable benefits of distance learning are its flexibility, convenience and the ability to work at one’s own pace. Classes are arranged in a way that gives learners room to conveniently participate and complete their assignments in accordance with their daily commitments. This can be called self-paced learning.

The courses are also always available at virtually any time or location.

2. Online classes are easily accessible. It helps the physically challenged and old people to have easy access to their studies. A student can enjoy his lectures while living far away from the mother campus despite his restriction in mobility. This can be called self- paced learning. The courses are also always available at virtually any time or location.

3. There is no waste of money or time for transport or commuting to a learning center. The student has no need of transportation since he receives his lectures and lecture materials via mail or the Internet.

4. There is also accessibility for those with family restrictions, especially married women and single parents. This will enable them take good care of their families while involved in active education.

5. Distance learning reaches out to many individuals that could not have had the opportunity to get educated. In this regard, it benefits both the young, the old and the physically challenged. In fact, it brings mass literacy to the society.

6. It breeds challenges, which in turn serves as a motivational factor. This happens where a student studying alone sees it as a point of duty to get his coursework done since there is no course mate around to go to or even time to idle away. It brings maturity and commitment.

7. Contrary to general opinion, distance learning can be more personal and interactive than traditional classroom learning. This is seen where shy students can now study alone and communicate comfortably only with faculty.

8. A well completed distance learning program (a degree for example) can help one get a better job and as well as raise one’s status and income.