Distance Learning the Benefits of doing College from Home

I will first write on the benefits and then the cons, for there are many cons related to distance learning depending on which one you choose.

The Pros:
1.) Flexible schedule. Most distance learning programs have no set time schedule except for tests and the occasional virtual classroom session.

2.) No Peer pressure or classroom disruptions. You will not have the weird feeling to sit in the back of the class with the rest of the shy kids and never ask a question. You can send your professor a question at any time without hesitation.

3.) Great for those with medical or physical disabilities. You can work around your schedule and life style.

4.) Costs, they are much cheaper than going to a traditional brick and mortar school since they have less overhead.

The Cons:
1.) No supervision to make you study everyday! That is the purpose of class, to make us show up and learn something everyday and hopefully ask questions when we have them.

2.) No true classroom and friend atmosphere. You can’t sit down next to someone, and then become study partners, you literally work by yourself unless you can study virtually or find a tutoring service near your home.

3.) Most of these programs are not highly thought of and therefore can be a detriment when you try to get a job. A graduate with a degree from UC Santa Barbara will out win most on-line and distance learning programs. So if you need to do distance learning and you have no real reason for doing so, make sure it comes from a prestigious school.

4.) It is harder to see the end game and therefore can cause many to withdraw and never finish school at all. Being at a college campus really creates an atmosphere to thrive and finish, because college is not easy. You need the help of a counselor, teachers, friends, and more. Without that physical presence of a campus, people, classes, and more it is difficult for many to continue.

I highly recommend distance learning for physically of lifestyle impaired people, but if you are able – do not go to them. Work and save up the extra money and stick in there. The experience at a campus is half the learning and fun. Do not throw it away unless you have no other choice.