Distance Learning the Benefits of doing College from Home

Ten or fifteen years ago, if you learned via correspondence school, you must have been disabled, extremely introverted or just plain weird. Distance learning today has a whole new face, and a brand new reputation to go along with it.

Distance learning has made education possible for people who once thought there was no way they could achieve their dream of a college degree. The transportation, parking, and housing costs have been completely eliminated. Not only cost, but time management is completely streamlined through distance learning. Courses are mostly self-paced, with some coming in with a time frame to complete a course, but assignments can be done when the student chooses. Students all have different times when they are freshest. The wise student will learn what time of day that is for them and do their assignments and test-taking then. Night-owls can finally utilize their creativity in the middle of the night, instead of trying desperately to jump-start their brain for that dreaded 8 a.m. class.

Distance learning has opened opportunities for fathers and mothers to GET a career, further their careers, or finish a degree. Families used to struggle while one parent or another went back to school to obtain a first or second degree to make them more marketable. Through distance learning, the parent(s) can still care for their children, keep their current jobs, while completing their degrees in their own time frame.

Keeping the learning one-on-one between student and teacher also has the benefit of building the student’s thought processes. There is no one to bounce ideas off of; you have to go it alone with your own brain and books as your only resources. Teachers make themselves very available for their distance learners, often enjoying the same benefits of students in answering questions on line on THEIR own time schedule, instead of set appointments and certain office hours on campus.

Distance learning has come a long way… to the benefit of learner, teacher and society as a whole.