Distance Learning the Pros of doing College from Home

My experience with distance learning has made a significant difference in my life. Many years ago, I was a stay at home mom, wife, and homemaker. Life was good, my children were a joy, and I had the perfect husband. Norman Rockwell couldn’t have painted a rosier picture. Until, I came home from an out of town visit to my parents a little earlier than expected. I found my perfect husband very cozy with a perfect bartender (so I found out later). So much for Norman.

For many years, after the divorce, my kids were my main concern; I didn’t want them to grow up as “latch-key kids.” I had heard horror stories about single-parent homes, and the risks to the children. Although now, I recognize I was a little on the paranoid side, at that time I had visions of my kids growing up to be drugged out gang members, or worse, homicidal maniacs. I refused to put my kids in daycare. Their dad still preferred bartenders to family life, so was not a physical presence in their life. I sought every avenue to work from home. I tried every “work from home” scam out there. We struggled.

I never considered college because it, too, would place my kids in someone else’s care for many hours of the day. But, after whining to a friend, she mentioned something called, “online” courses. My ears perked.

The benefits I have derived from being able to take college classes from home are momentous.

1. Financial Aid – Through grants, loans, and scholarships (and okay, child
support I’ll give credit where credit is due, know matter how much it
hurts). I have been able to stay home with my children, move them out of
government housing, homeschool them, and provide for their financial needs.

2. Time – I am able to do my coursework on my own time. Although, there are
due dates, I can do the work when it’s convenient for me, without
neglecting the needs of my kids.

3. Money – I save on gas, and with the way prices are right now, I’m saving a
a lot! Plus, I can wear my PJ’s almost every day.

4. Education – I am receiving a thorough education that has opened my mind
to a vast knowledge of the world I live in, which I pass on to my
children, giving them a head start in life, as well as, modeling a path
for them to follow.

5. Future – Not only has it changed my future for the better, it has changed my
children’s future, as well.