Do Girls Work better with Female or Male Mentors – Female

It seems as if this question can answer itself, but there are a lot of levels in which this question can be explained. Mentors, regardless if they are male or female, are people that are supposed to guide and teach boys and girls the materials that they are searching for, or are going to stumble upon. There is no denying that every mentor is different and can teach their students or their “little brother or sister” something different than what others can teach them. Both male and female mentors bring something new and different to the table when it comes to teaching girls something about life, or helping them out with school. But who works better as a mentor? A female mentor, because they can relate better with their female students and let them know what they can do in certain situations in school. Or male mentors, because they can communicate with girls and let them know what they have to look for in life, or in school, at least from their point of view.

Female mentors are a positive and unique addition to any girl’s life, in any grade, because they can teach girls what they know about school. And it is obvious that they can also relate better to their “students” as they develop a deeper friendship. A female mentor works better with other girls because they can gossip about anything, and mentors can help get girls through the tough or awkward phases in their lives. Male mentors, as much as they do help, actually work better with boys, because they know what they are going through. It’s true what people say: both males and females can bring something positive to the lives of younger students. But some students feel differently and are willing to open up to people of the same gender faster. 

Girls do work better with female mentors because it feels as if they can connect with their mentors a lot better than with any other person. There are many clubs where girls can join, where they can connect with other girls that are older and have more experience in life than they do. This not only helps them accomplish more, but lets them know that what they are going through as adolescents is normal and natural. Female mentors have what it takes to allow young girls to be more open with them, because they can share their own ideas, their own fears and connect with them as much as possible.