Do Girls Work better with Female or Male Mentors – Female

I personally feel that girls work better with female mentors,
simply because they are the same gender,they tend to understand one and other, they have been through many of the same experiences, thus allowing them a bit of a bond (if you will) from the very beginning.
trust is a very big factor.
From a very young age,especially in todays times young girls are warned against trusting men/boys,This is very much a deciding factor as to who I would personally choose to mentor myself or my daughter, or grand daughter for that fact.
There are bad influences in all walks of life female as well a male, but I personally believe one would naturally feel more comfortable with the same gender.
I don’t read a lot on mentoring, I believe it is a very good thing especially when there is conflict within the home,I feel that intervention from the outside may be very helpful and it sometimes could be very beneficial to have someone to look up to and be able to openly talk with outside the home.
Many children are not able to talk with their parents and having a mentor outside the home I think is wonderful.
I still maintain that female with female and male with male is a better solution.
In come cases the opposites may prove to be better because, there may have been a previous conflict with the same gender mentoring.
I think you need to treat each situation accordingly, but generally speaking I’ll stick with girl/female mentoring.
I have seen a lot of good come from mentoring, and I hope that people continue to step up to the plate and be mentors,I personally have never had the opportunity to this for anyone but if I were asked I would welcome the challenge.
we are in a very troubled world these days and we all need a lot of help, young and old.
We need to come together and form bonds that can’t be broken no matter what.
mentoring is just one way to bring people together.
There are to many things to separate us and no one really knows where to start to bring some relief in these troubling times.
our children have 100 time more peer pressure than we ever did and I can remember how difficult it was in my days of youth, you had your parents and your teachers and that was it, you had to figure out on your own what the best remedy was for the given situation, if you made a bad choice you had to live with it and pay whatever consequences there might be.