Do Girls Work better with Female or Male Mentors – Male

Do girls work better with females or male mentors?

In my opinion, females tend to work better with men in an office type of work environment. I have usually experienced a great deal of unnecessary drama when I have worked in an office with several other women.

You often hear, “I don’t get the opportunities that so and so does.” Or the proverbial, “My hair looks terrible, would you face the public for me today?” The one that always come up on the busiest day of the week is “I need to leave work, my child skinned his toe at school and I have to go pick them up and take them home.” Then, there’s the complaint that has more information than you want to hear such as “My husband is running around on me and he doesn’t want to make love to me every day like we used to.” The one that always frustrates an employer after a female has just been hired is, “I’m pregnant/my wife’s pregnant, I won’t be able to work after training for a few weeks. But that’s okay isn’t it?” Considering how long it takes to train an employee this is always a disappointment, whether it be male or female.

You name it. The drama just goes on and on. If you need to confide in someone on the job as a female, depending on the circumstances, it might be harder to discuss all the things mentioned earlier with a male.

Most of the time I’ve found if you keep your distance and try not to take some of the males comments too personally, working with a group of men is easier. They seem to be more focused on the job. However, there are some men who seem to be just as hard to work with as a menopausal woman and there are times when there’s nothing that anyone can do to please them.

I have worked in both types of environments. On one hand, females are more understanding.On the other, males are more forgiving as long as you’re productive.

I believe that if you use the old pros and cons list, you’ll find it easier for a woman to accept training from a male as opposed to a female mentor.

Of course in my infinite wisdom I have given the opinion of one female, I’m sure there are many who would debate this. You have the right to do so.