Do Girls Work better with Female or Male Mentors – Male

I know women work better under a male mentorship. It could be discussed very extensively as it is a sensitive topic and will incur many answers for various reasons. the following will state the pros and cons. The day to day work habits of women in the environment where it is female based, the productivity is truly regulated by mood. Women are not fans of women. Being mentored by a man, women tend to work better, produce higher quality production levels as well as better results. This is the way it is because women are fashioned to please a man.

Women are intelligent and beautiful. Men are also intelligent, attractive, but not eye catching. Women enhance their looks and their best features to be at their optimum presentation. Let’s face it, men do not. So it really is known that women are out to impress. They will go the extra mile to stand out. This happens for them at home as well as in the workplace. Now when it comes to them looking better for instance, for a man, they go all out to make an impression. When involved with women, they try to just be better than than the other and its not to make an impression, its to make a point. Not necessarily making a point to others but to themselves that they feel they look better, work harder, and simply are better than other females.

Keeping this in mind, women that work for men, go above and beyond to make an impression. Some women even push themselves to prove they can do just what a man does. These factors ultimately produce higher quality and more productivity. Women that work for women tend to change their work ethics to include personal feelings. They work with a chip on their shoulder. This could possibly be because of the way society was years ago. The man was the bread winner, the men ran things, basically, men were the bosses. Women, sometimes subservient, mainly domestic in the past, have evolved into the working environment to hold higher positions and work as hard as men. Women were structured long ago to please the men, as women, as wives and as mothers. This “breeding” if you will has instilled a characteristic to please. This characteristic, whether consciously or subconsciously, has made women want to impress and to also seek approval. These traits will make them work better, be more productive, more accurate and maintain a balanced work environment while working for a male mentor.