Does Tutoring in School Work the same as Mentoring – No

No,mentoring and tutoring serve different purposes.When a student seeks tutoring it’s for a difficult subject such as reading, science, or math. The tutor serves as a means to help strengthen his weak area that’s pertain to the subject. Once the student gains the confidence in that particular area of study. It can approach test and assignments a lot easier. Mentoring strictly focuses on building the self-esteem and destroying the insecurities about one’s self. The mentor provides them with mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual stimulation. When proper mentoring is established the child or teen has a sense of ( I can do it).Someone believes in me to win in this game called life. Mentors sometimes serve the place of a mother or father. Emotional Rapport is developed. Tutoring is a good component in a child’s life but it can’t extend into something deeper because the main task is to help the student pass his/her assignment. Tutoring should never replace mentoring, because mentoring extends to so many levels. When children are constantly in trouble or are involved in reckless behavior. Tutoring isn’t the answer, the answer is mentoring because most times troubled children aren’t even going to school and have behavior problems and are usually placed in special education classes. Tutoring is fine but the core problem is reaching the dysfunction that lies within the child. Sifting the destruction and finding ones’ potential takes extreme amount of listening and motivation. Tutors aren’t going to provide that type of service to a child, children need nurturing and stability. Tutors can’t provide that neither can some of these schools. I feel that schools need to have a mentor connection that can heal the emotional pain that lurks inside of students.When the emotional pain is not checked that student can become a emotional threat to school and society.We are definitely in a state of emergency: Where we need Mentors! that sincerely want to take the time and help the children find a strong sense of identity.Its so sad that people believe that Tutoring can take the place of Mentoring. A tutor may ask How are you doing today?, and proceed with the lesson. Trust me a student needs to be ask more than common phrases.