Does Tutoring in School Work the same as Mentoring – No

No! Tutoring does not work the same in schools as mentoring. I was a supervisor for mentors of individuals in the juvenile system and counseled them. The juvenile system deals with individuals that have more severe problems than the school system and the mentoring is more intense. The educational requirements are also higher.

The school counselor is not the same as a mentor. The school counselor gives guidance for classes, summer opportunities, vocational education, colleges and universities, and responds to teacher referrals.

Mentoring is a persons life. Tutoring is only the academic part of a person. A mentor is involved with the persons family and friends, helps the individual make personal decisions, and can be used as a reference later. Many mentors are professionals at the top of there field, the reference for a young person would be considered outstanding. Many youth would not have the opportunity to meet some of these individuals if it not for a mentoring program.

Mentors have to be investigated more than a tutor, because of the life guidance aspect of the relationship. Values of the Mentor is important, we would like to think that religion is not important, but it is. Most people get their morals and values from religion.

Mentoring activities are different than tutoring. Tutoring can take place at the school and the parent and school can monitor it. Mentoring activities may also take place at museums, art shows, plays, ballets, concerts, ball games, parks, job interviews, and visiting other schools.

Mentoring is very serious and may not need to start in the schools. An agency that the school can refer students and parents to may be more appropriate. The mentors may not need developmental psychology training, but the supervisor does and weekly or biweekly consulting and treatment planning is a part of mentoring.

In conclusion, tutoring does not work the same in schools as mentoring. A mentor does not replace the school counselor, and many of the mentors are professionals at the top of their field. Mentoring improves behavior, grades, and attendance. If the school system can take on this type of large project, the drop out rates most likely will decrease, and grades will most likely increase.