Does Tutoring in School Work the same as Mentoring – No

No.. mentoring and tutoring are very different. Students seeking a tutor need help with a specific subject(s). ALL students today need a mentor; someone they can go to for advice, talk out their problems with and resolve todays issues that plague our young people.

Today most of the younger people middle-school and up do not have anyone they can go to with their problems. Parents are either too busy or both parents are not in the picture making the need for a mentor that much more important.

If there were more mentors for the young people of today there might be less crime, teen pregnancies, drug use, and the list goes on.

Look at young people in one middle-school today and see who has a mentor and who doesn’t. More times than not the person with a mentor has better grades, participates in sports or school extracurricular activities, has good attendance records.

I know several young people in middle-school currently, one has both parents and one has his mom and his dad who works out of town. The student with both parents does better all around in school, plays sports and is in youth sports outside of school. Now this student does have the usual peer pressure to smoke, try drugs, drink because of friends or other students he knows that do these things. With the mentoring he gets from teachers, coaches, and his parents he has managed to stay clear.

Now the other student not so well. His mother is never there for him, she has lost her job so many times that I have lost count. She has no supporting words for her son. She doesn’t care about his homework, sports activities, friends. Now I mentor this young man OFTEN. I have shown him what getting good grades will get him, how far he can go in life staying in school. That good attendance is important. He has started playing sports at school and participating in the community to help other kids much less fortunate then himself. He is starting to get better grades and is making new friends. His old friends or classmates were the smokers, troubled bunch who do not have any mentors, parents or otherwise. He calls often just to talk and i listen to the pressures that young people today have to deal with.

Part of the problem is that today too many parents are divorced or too involved in their own lives that they leave the mentoring, counseling, tutoring to the teachers who try but can’t be there for all the kids without this person in their life.