Does Tutoring in School Work the same as Mentoring – No

Growing up can be a scary experience without the right guidance and assistance along the way. As children reach new stages in their lives, it is often overwhelming for them to take such big steps along, without someone helping them along the way. This is true for every aspect of growing up, such as school work, socializing and even just general discovery of who we are and what we want in life. It is for this reason a mentor can be highly beneficial for your child. However, is a mentor the same as a tutor?

Without thinking too deeply, a tutor and a mentor may seem like the same thing, however there are in fact many differences between the two and definite benefits for each. For most children, there will be some stage in their development at school where they find a subject or even just a component of one of their subjects which is a little more challenging then they expected. This component may be too difficult for them to grasp on their own and therefore you may enlist in the help of a tutor.

A tutor is primarily a person who assists someone with learning a new process or concept. They are often an older student or adult who has already completed similar subjects during the course of their own education and are skilled enough to teach these skills to someone else who may be struggling. A tutor can be someone who helps the child out in the long term, working with them through all their general school work if they are struggling, or it can be someone who only helps out for a short period of time, when a difficult section of the education program arises. Overall, a tutor is someone who assists with learning and is skilled in teaching the necessary information needed for a child to improve their grades at school and pass important examinations.

A mentor, on the other hand, goes far beyond the role of a tutor. Whilst a mentor may be someone who does at times assist a child in learning relevant subject matter much like a tutor, this is not their primary focus. A mentor is more like an older friend, with life experience and positive views on making the most out of a person’s future. They are often needed especially if your child has difficulty fitting in or is nervous about starting school or meeting new friends. A mentor becomes much like the concept of a big brother, providing a child with support and helping them to boost their self-esteem and confidence in achieving the goals they wish to achieve.

Usually a mentor is an older person who has already experienced something similar to what the child is going through. For example, a mentor may be a person who has already finished school or is perhaps a senior, soon to graduate. They can provide answers to the questions their younger friend has, and help the transition from one year to the next move far smoother. Mentors can also help a child in developing new hobbies, by teaching them new skills and taking them to experience things they have never experienced before. They can assist in meeting new friends and helping a child to develop better social skills.

In summary, a mentor is like a tutor, but goes beyond the limits of tutoring on a specific subject required for academic achievement. A mentor is someone who can provide advice through their own life experience and can help a child become the person they want to be, beyond getting good grades.