E Mentoring the Benefits of using Online Tools to Mentor Teens

In the age of internet anonymity, young people are more comfortable discussing matters of the heart; fabricating their dull lives; and meeting people unavailable to them in their own small towns right there in the privacy of their home. Normal, pubescent horrors can be shared without fear of rejection based on appearance. No one can see your pimples, flat chest, big nose, crossed-eyes.

Via today’s blogs, MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, IMs, cell phones, digital cameras, text messaging and emails, young people can become BFs (best friends) with total strangers, forming bonds that took pre-internet individuals lifetimes to achieve. The fear of rejection is non-existent simply because they can now hit the “delete” button and the offender dissipates from their life as quickly and as painlessly as they appeared.

E-mentoring opens brand new doors for all of us. A mentor can literally tell the student a fact and that student can immediately verify its validity. There is no longer a reason to disappoint a student who was looking forward to a session, only to find out the mentor’s car broke down or the mentor was ill.

As a child, my joy was my father, books and the library, in that order. In today’s busy society, our lives have become so bogged down with “life” we don’t seem to spend enough quality time with our children. But here, in Computerland’, all that can be overcome simply by powering up the hard drive.

We’re living in an exciting time where young people can literally learn about anything they choose; where they can read facts available to everyone, not some gibberish made up by historians’ who fail to include all peoples in their history books; where the world is not so overwhelmingly huge. The can get support and encouragement from a total stranger who may actually learn a thing or two from them. They can reach out to a mentor in Asia or right down the street. Education, as taught in the “system” has never appealed much to me; I always wondered what else was going on in the world.

With the internet and E-mentoring programs, what’s to wonder? Now you can just do.