Educating Oneself on any Subject

Education is expensive! That’s what we all know if you want to get a degree, MBA, PhD or any other professional certification. is expensive. However, I feel that time is more expensive! Finding the right education as early as possible, allowing you to use that information NOW is key.

Education is not expensive anymore!


Whether it’s share and options trading, finding solutions for work related issues, investment opportunities from properties to antiques, interpersonal issues, education is NOT expensive anymore in today’s world. The key to it is INTERNET. You will note on many website that there are many links to the relevant topics on the sites.

On my own site, I have included the advertisements for a few reasons:-

1. Network marketing

I am not going to deny it that maintaining my website helps me to gain a little more money. I would like to be upfront with it rather than being hypocritical about it – like many sites out there. Sharing my knowledge of how I attain my success is still the foremost objective. However, each time someone clicks on the accompanying advertisements on my website, I get paid. The same happens whenever you click on such advertisement links from ANY websites; someone gains when you click!

2. Add spice to my dry content

I have a tendency to type and type and type my thoughts. With few photos to share (mostly because I would like to keep my identity confidential), these advertisements do help to add some colour and fun to my otherwise boring-looking contents.


Yes, yes, yes! You might not believe me but this is how I learnt to trade, to invest, travel cheap, brilliant recipes, make money and find out about alot of interesting stuffs that allow me to enjoy the simple pleasures of FINE EXISTENCE today. (Please stay tuned, I am collating a summary of all useful links for the various topics soon.)

Google is really good with placing such advertisements as the links are sorted out very strictly by its relevance and popularity. If you are interested in the main content of any page, you are highly likely to be interested in the relevant advertisements. Click to learn more about the topic you are interested in!


If you don’t know anything about a particular topic, someone else must know. Try to find friends who are already successful in attaining the positions you are aiming for. Get their ernest guidance from them.

I have a friend who retired at 25. He is an avid options trader and is very accomplished in this area. His selections of trades performed spectacularly even after knowing him for 4 years. Getting his insights on trades and updates on his thoughts on the markets regularly has been invaluable for me, even up till this date.


If you don’t know what to read, research on the internet and ask those successful friends of yours. Hear what the experts have to say. Again, there is no success without a little hard work.


If there is any intangible quality needed for getting an inexpensive but great education, it has to be:- PERSISTENCE, PERSISTENCE, PERSISTENCE. We all know that we do not always treasure things that come free and cheap to us, eg. the love and care of your loved ones, are often neglected and overlooked. We need to be able to discern the good information from those that need to be sifted out. From there, it is up to your own perseverance to learn and practice with the information.

Remember, education is not expensive anymore. Information is everywhere today. However, you do need to learn how to discern between the good information from the lousy ones, and absorb the right ones for you. It definitely doesn’t hurt to click, click, click away on topics that interests you. Afterall, it just takes another click on the cross at the top right corner if you don’t like what you see. Happy learning!