Educating Oneself on any Subject

Learn how to do virtually anything by going onto the World Wide Web. I’ve learned about a wide range of topics and gained or honed skills such as delivering effective presentations, painting in watercolor, writing calligraphy, making sushi, cooking, and playing classical guitar – all by reading instructional material online and watching instructional videos online. The emergence of video-rich sites like YouTube has enabled knowledge sharing for millions of people. In this article, I will highlight a handful of the many sites which you can visit to achieve a new skill or use as a vehicle to share your own abilities and knowledge with others.

Promoting itself as “The World’s Biggest Show and Tell” site on the Internet, this is a great place to learn *how to do* something as opposed to learning *about* something. In other words, you’ll gain new abilities, not just information. Instruction is delivered through step-by-step videos and some titles include:
– how to make wine
– custom antenna balls
– how to sew
– Altoids tin watercolor box
– how to photograph steam coming from your cooked food
– electric umbrella

The “5min Life Videopedia” provides a wealth of brief video guides submitted by the public; videos are based on the notion that “everybody is an expert in something” and this site is a platform for sharing knowledge and practical skills through short videos. Videos provide answers to questions like:
– How do I prepare for a job interview?
– How do you draw a silhouette?
– How does acupuncture work?
– What is life in Hawaii like?

Videos cover skills such as:
– making chocolate-covered strawberries
– playing baseball
– coaching baseball
– playing chess
– performing magic card tricks
– giving a foot massage

These are two of the premiere instructional websites currently on the World Wide Web. They are treasure-troves for the self-directed learner. Learn something new at one or both of these sites and perhaps someday you can contribute your expertise so that others may learn from you!