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When your energy is scattered it makes it very hard to focus and learn anything new. 

At times when we humans want to learn something new, the first step is to situate ourselves mentally and physically so that we are prepared to accept the incoming messages. Each person is different in how they will go about this and we all agree on one thing though, it is harder to accept new information if we have our energy scattered and have a feeling of discontent in our minds or even our spirits. So figuring out ways to “clear our mental decks” etc. have to be in our repertoire in order to prepare and align for learning and receiving information. This is one reason that meditation is so popular and is used all over the world, because it is a great medium to come clean in your mind and soul and be open to the universe and what it has to offer us. 

One of the Paramount’s of concentration is to be able to harness energy into focusing onto data or problem solving or facts or incoming messages. To be open enough to receive the information that we are trying to learn is to make a pathway in our minds so that the energy can grab onto the new information and store it or use it as we see fit. These learning techniques happen so fast in our society and in our minds that we take for granted that in a split second hundreds of energies are vying for our attention and being placed where we are willing for them to go. 

This has always been a problem for young children because they are so open to the world around them and to learning new things that they are usually on constant brain overload if left to their own devices. That is why it is very detrimental to see parents, teachers and caregivers not balancing out the “learn” or “play only” times when they can actually “just be a child” and not have to learn every detail that the adult sees fit on the adults schedule. 

In older adults you can see a shift in energy and learning because at this end of the spectrum again there are all kinds of good and bad energy distractions from health issues, re-learning some things over again, slower thinking times, over interest in some areas, disinterest in some areas, distractions from everything being new again, and on and on it goes. Technology has made it great for older citizens in some ways and it also has made it almost unbearable in other areas. Just ask anyone over 63 to program some phone apps and/or Google some new Web Designs, etc. and there will be a group of people that will accept and do well at the challenge and some who will not even know what you are talking about. 

In order to realign your energy you need to spend time getting to know yourself and your particular style. If you find that someone else’s book or method works great for you; go for it. Otherwise it can be a fun journey to find out how you relate to your environment and to then figure out a personally prescribed plan for yourself to concentrate better and making learning fun again. Then someone will inevitably ask you how you did that and you can share it with them also!