Education System needs to Train for Job Skills

It is a known fact that all of us are not going to school with the final goal being to attend university. Many are going to school to get an education and a job in a specific field. Why not be given the opportunity in your first year of high school to prepare for that job by having to select two areas of interest? By the second year of high school, the opportunity should be given to re-evaluate the choices and make another selection or continue in the chosen ones.

Every effort should be made by the teacher to expose the student to the areas that can be expanded upon if they choose to go to university. Information should be readily available that will direct them into other career paths that encompasses the areas of study being undertaken.

At this present time, out education system is failing over 70% of the population. Job skills are not being taught and we have students being kicked out, forced out or graduating with certificates that states “leaving”. How detrimental is that to a student when he looks at his certificate and realizes it is basically stating “we put up with you and you put up with us, now it time to go – good redices”. If that is not enough to make someone want to holler what is?

This process is detrimental to the youth receiving such certificates and society pays for it by having an increase in youth violence, vandalism, abuse and finally producing criminals whom we pay to keep in an institution. Schools are institutions, why not pay now and avoid paying s higher cost later.

We can no longer continue to pretend that the present education system is working for our youth because it is not. Look at the statistics with regard to increase in youth violence, vandalism, criminal activity etc. The numbers are too high. We are creating a generation of hopelessness among our youth. Do we continue? or do we identify the issues and make a change?

Jobs skills are a must for our youth and if we want to experience the freedom we have become accustom to we better get the word out there, the truth about what is happening to our youth.

We cannot all fit into the squares that society has created. Some of us are circular in our actions, thinking and abilities and there is more than one way to teach skills.