Educational Travel Experiences for Children

Travel experiences are not just about relaxing vacations anymore. While planning your vacations with your family members consider the educational benefits that can be gained along the way. Children have been known to advance whole grade levels in history and geography simply because the subjects become much more real to them after they experience it first hand.Learning about the Civil War in a book is one thing but bringing that subject to life by traveling to a Civil War Museum or the states the war took place in will provide your child with an experience they are less likely to forget.

Families need not plan long exhausting trips to experience educational benefits for their children. Short day or weekend road trips are just as beneficial. Start within your own town. Check with your local library to find little known historical sites, if there are none then move on to historical sites located within your state. Museums provide great educational benefits to children as do art shows and cultural fairs.

The family vacation is a fun way to add to children’s educational experiences but, there are other ways that children can reap the same experiences. There is a whole industry centered around various types of exchange student programs. Student exchange programs have increased their programs to not only include trips to foreign lands but, also trips within the United States. Children raised in the city can now experience life in the country and kids who have grown up in the country can experience life in the city.

International Student Exchange programs are a great way for the older child to experience a new culture and practice a new language. Your child will travel in a group with other exchange students and be hosted by a well screened family in the country they have chosen to visit. If they are attending the program during the school year then they will be expected to attend school in the country they are visiting.. Student Exchange programs vary in length of time from two week trips to full year experiences.

Throughout the United States cultural day camps and summer programs are becoming quite popular. This is mostly do to international adoptions. These programs are primarily set up to provide children adopted from other countries to stay connected and continue learning about their culture however, these programs are learning that cultural experiences are of great benefit to all children. Many cultural day and summer camps are now accepting any child who wants to learn and experience the culture of another country.